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TEAM 7 Cabinetry & Furniture Made in Austria

In TEAM 7’s hands – from start to finish.

TEAM 7 has upheld its commitment to nature for several decades, contributing to

sustainable living through our furniture. It was back in the early 1980s, long before the organic boom, that it decided to follow “green” principles consistently. The entire production process is completed in its workshops in Upper Austria. From the forest to the finished furniture, TEAM 7 retains care of its products. By controlling the production process, TEAM 7 can guarantee environmentally friendly, high-quality manufacturing and safeguard its independence. Today, it benefits from decades of experience and has always stayed true to its principles.

An all-rounder that TEAM 7 can make anything from.

The unique appeal of wood comes from its distinctive aesthetic and the way it feels to the touch. And with its many positive characteristics. For example, it is naturally antibacterial and antistatic. It also improves the air quality in a room because it breathes, absorbs moisture, and re-releases it if the air is dry.

TEAM 7 knows what’s inside.

TEAM 7 only uses European hardwoods for its cabinetry and furniture. Nurtured for decades in sustainably managed forests, the wood is then processed with the most excellent care – right from the start: from the period of gentle seasoning to the finished furniture. To ensure the wood stays free from harmful substances and retains its wonderful characteristics, the production process is guided by the TEAM 7 promise: pure solid wood.

Pure natural oil. Nothing else.

The most important thing about wood is its naturalness. TEAM 7’s priority is to preserve this naturalness with all its beneficial characteristics. That’s why it finishes the wooden surfaces exclusively with pure natural oil. It doesn’t use varnishes, stains, or other chemical substances; the wood continues breathing actively and remains toxins-free.

Wood is good. For us and the climate.

The forests where the trees for TEAM 7 furniture grow make a vital contribution to carbon storage. After all, one cubic meter of wood stores the carbon from about a ton of CO2. This wood is then used to make furniture, which continues to store the bound carbon for a long time. While this happens, the following trees have already started growing and extracting CO2 from the atmosphere. Thanks to the oiled wooden surfaces and TEAM 7’s environmentally friendly production methods, its furniture can eventually be integrated back into the materials cycle after a long lifetime of usage.

Made in Austria.

Rather than churning out short-lived “throw-away” furniture, TEAM 7 manufactures products with a long functional and aesthetic lifespan. This is because only things that endure and provide a lifetime of enjoyment can genuinely be called sustainable. The TEAM 7 brand promises quality and is inextricably linked with its Austrian background because solid wood processing has a long tradition there. Furniture from Austria also makes a clear statement about sustainability: TEAM 7’s regional production, concentrated within just a few kilometers, eliminates long transport routes and allows continuous control at every step of the manufacturing process. It enables the company to do justice to its environmental aspirations and achieve the quality that has made TEAM 7 the leading eco-design brand.

Wood looks great, even after many years of use.

Wood is naturally accustomed to many challenges: it is exceptionally robust. This means TEAM 7 furniture is long-lasting and holds its value. Thanks to the oiled wooden surfaces, even small dents and scratches can be repaired, and the traces left by many years of use can be removed. Consequently, its kitchens retain their natural beauty for decades, lasting from one generation to the next.

Enjoyment for all the senses.

Solid wood turns a room into a comfortable and healthy home. Every touch is a pleasure. Every look reveals the unspoiled, occasionally wild power that continues to live in the carefully finished wood, tamed but visible. The search for naturalness and authenticity is becoming increasingly important, particularly in this digital age. We can only feel things fully with all our senses when they are real. That’s why we do everything we can to bring the authentic characteristics of the living wood into your home.

Pioneers of sustainable furniture.

TEAM 7 corporate culture has always been rooted in principles of social, ecological, and economic responsibility. TEAM 7 is committed to creating its furniture in harmony with people and nature. This guides everything the company does. Only by living responsibly and sustainably can the fundamentals of life be preserved for future generations. This makes TEAM 7 one-of-a-kind solid wood furniture very special. As are the values and principles with which TEAM 7 manufactures.

Proven sustainability.

TEAM 7 aims to develop the world’s most eco-friendly and efficient solid wood manufacturing systems. It has set strict guidelines and follows clearly defined environmental and energy management principles to make this a reality. Its EMAS verification recognizes the progress toward ensuring green manufacturing, and the company is at least as proud of that verification as its design prizes. The Austrian Ecolabel means you can be sure that the wood used comes from sustainable forestry and contributes to a healthy living environment due to its special surface treatment.

TEAM 7 loves wood.

That’s why TEAM 7 cares about preserving its natural character. And the masterful expertise of its cabinetmakers makes this possible. Their experiences and skilled craftsmanship are based on centuries-old tradition: creating high-quality solid wood furniture. The TEAM 7 cabinetmakers love what they do. And you will love the results—solid wood furniture built according to Austrian crafting traditions.

Tradition and technology.

At the TEAM 7 furniture factory, wood is processed with state-of-the-art technology. And yet two-thirds of TEAM 7 employees in production are traditional cabinetmakers who have studied and love their woodworking craft. For TEAM 7, these two things go together. The company wants precise perfection down to the detail, and the best way to achieve this is by combining technology and tradition.

Real craftsmanship

TEAM 7 has been making furniture since 1959. You can feel this experience. Every piece of furniture is unique and carefully hand-made by experienced cabinetmakers, starting with storing the wood correctly, selecting the right components, and then carefully processing it to do justice to this living natural material. True craftsmanship, great expertise at every manufacturing stage, and meticulous attention to detail guarantee TEAM 7 furniture’s outstanding quality.

Ultramodern three-layer technology.

Even the high-quality three-layer solid wood panels are made to order for TEAM 7 furniture in its board factory. Three layers of the finest hardwood are glued together transversely. This technology preserves the naturalness and the original strength of the wood. At the same time, it provides the boards with tremendous structural stability. And there is no need to interrupt the grain pattern with dovetail joins. This opens new possibilities for unique designs and functionality.

Austrian distinction.

Domestically and abroad, the “Austria Quality Seal” has represented Austrian origin, quality, and capacity for innovation of products and services for more than 70 years. The “Austria Quality Seal – Furniture” is a certificate awarded only to furniture that fulfills these criteria and with more than 50% value made in Austria. Thanks to regular monitoring, the “Austria Quality Seal – Furniture” is a guarantee for tested quality and a badge for durable furniture from Austria that is made to last.

TEAM 7 is its own toughest inspector.

The TEAM 7 development team is constantly looking for solutions to the challenges of modern living. Innovative technological features enable its furniture to provide more comfort and safety for everyday life. To ensure premium quality down to the last detail, TEAM 7 uses its test laboratory, including a climate chamber, to check products for functionality, strength, and ergonomics, even during the development phase.

TEAM 7 doesn’t just grow trees; it grows employees.

TEAM 7 relies on sustainability. This also applies to its staff. TEAM 7 carefully selects its employees, directs them according to their individual potential, supports them, and continues to train them extensively. This way, the company can ensure that the traditional Austrian craftsmanship and the centuries-old knowledge about woodworking won’t be lost.

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